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Roller Derby returns to Norwich THIS SATURDAY!

Get excited, folks, because Saturday 12th November sees roller derby return to Norwich for the first time since 2019! Norfolk Roller Derby’s WFTDA A-Team, the Norfolk Brawds, will be taking on the Nottingham Roller Derby Arrows, followed by a headliner game featuring new roller derby skaters from across the country. The day will be a true celebration of post-pandemic roller derby, not only proving that the sport is alive and well, but also that it is thriving. On that note - we are pleased to announce that this Saturday's event is SOLD OUT!

As with the Norfolk Brawds’ game against Kent Roller Derby back in September, it is very difficult to make gameday predictions, because much of the pre-2020 data on both of these teams has been rendered obsolete by time. So while the Brawds and Arrows have crossed paths before – resulting in a 209-124 score in the Brawds’ favour – that game occurred in 2015, a lifetime ago by today’s standards!

Instead, it may be more beneficial to look at both teams’ performances since returning to the track. The Norfolk Brawds took the win against Kent Roller Derby in September, scoring 176-150 in a game that saw them able to overcome penalty spirals with enough tenacity to secure victory. Nottingham’s Arrows, on the other hand, lost their first post-pandemic game against the formidable Cambridge Rollerbillies back in July, resulting in a score of 208-98. However, since then, the Arrows have been participating in scrimmages alongside powerhouse teams like the Liverpool Roller Birds and the Hellfire Harlots, both of which so far have retained their pre-pandemic high rankings on Flat Track Stats, suggesting that they remain fierce. As such, despite the recent history of these two teams, the Brawds need to remain on their toe(stops) when facing off against Nottingham’s Arrows tomorrow, as they will have upped their game since they played the Billies!

Regardless, looking at the rosters, both sides appear to be bringing their all. Nottingham’s roster includes Puck-Her-Up (1837), Alf (12), and Rudd (541), who were the team’s Most Valuable Player, Best Blocker, and Best Jammer respectively in their game against the Billies. The Brawds roster on the other hand sees crowd favourites such as Danger Moose (212) and Vixen Mortar (17) return, both of whom racked up big points as jammers when the Brawds played against Kent last month.

As for the headliner – it promises to be a huge celebration of new and returning roller derby talent. Names to watch out for from NRD include the White Team’s Captain, Morgue Anna (8), a long-time Rainy City alumni who has moved east to help us kick ass. Team White also sees the wonderful Mallory Knocks (2001) swap her ref stripes for a scrim top, so be sure to support! Meanwhile on Team Black, Captain Good Block Bear (216) will no-doubt live up to her name (especially if she wears her signature bear ears!), while Steezie Nicks’ superior footwork (21) marks her as a real threat!

The games will take place at Easton College, a leafy venue a little way out of the city centre – but what it lacks in public transport access, it makes up for with animals and wildlife! The surrounding fields are home to local horses, sheep, and cows – it’s the perfect place for a nice walk if you end up arriving early to the venue. If you prefer to stay indoors, NRD will be hosting a bake sale, a raffle, and a merch stall for you to browse between games. Please bring change in case our card machine glitches! We are looking forward to welcoming you, and welcoming roller derby back to Norwich together!



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