There's loads of different ways to get involved with Norfolk Roller Derby, from attending one of our regular new skater training courses, to learning how to officiate or referee the games. Whatever your level of experience or type of interest, we'd love to hear from you.

We welcome all genders, all levels of skating experience and all those 18+ years to join our new skater course where you’ll learn all the skating skills required to start your own exciting roller derby adventure.

We can lend you almost all the kit you need - including skates - until you progress to skating with our teams or refereeing, after which time we ask that you invest in your own.

If playing roller derby isn’t your thing, we are always recruiting referees and non-skating officials (NSOs). Every roller derby game has 7 referees and 11 NSOs to keep our skaters safe and run gameplay. 

For more information, check out our Beginner's guide to Norfolk Roller Derby or email us with any questions you might have!

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