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Roller Derby Game Day Report: Brawds vs Kahlio, Oslo Tournament 2023

Roller derby game day review
Scary Quad Mother's report on Kahlio match

Game Day Report: Kahlio Rolling Rainbows vs Norfolk Roller Derby

Score: Kallio 156- 131 Brawds

We checked in with the Norfolk Brawds after their hootin’ fabulous year to see what they thought about some of the matches they smashed in 2023.

One of the big highlights last year was getting invited to play a tournament in Oslo, Norway, where we played against the likes of Kahlio Rolling Rainbows, Zurich Roller Derby and Oslo Roller Derby.

After a mammoth winter break or two, returning back with a vengeance, the Brawds set out to get as many games as possible post-pandemic, to give the team a nice stretch around the track. They had a need for speed!!

Kahlio was such a fun match to play as Brawds and the final score was a commendable 156-131 to Kahlio!

We asked the Norfolk Brawds to dig through their diaries from last year to give us a taste as to what the experience was like skating against Kahlio Rolling Rainbows! Hot off the press, it’s time to chat with Scary Quad Mother.


Q: Hi Scary! How did you start the day?

A: I’d arrived late the evening before the first game and when I went to the supermarket to get food, I panicked and bought Frosties. So on the morning of game day 1, I got up at 5:45, had a quick shower and ate my highly nutritious Frosties then met everyone at the bus stop for 6:30.

Q: Did each team have a particular skill/anything of note you felt on the day?

A: It felt like we dominated in the Kahlio game and the score didn’t reflect how strong we were.

Zurich played very differently compared to Kahlio and mostly did 5 second switches which kept us guessing. But there was great communication between our lineups in between jams about how to deal with particular skaters.

They were tough but we continued to rise to the challenge.

Q: What did the team, bench and LUM say about this day - was there something everyone agreed on or thought?

A: The refs were hot on calling certain penalties so we had to adapt our gameplay to minimise penalty calls and the team did a great job of keeping this in mind while still playing spicy derby. 

And the hard work that everyone’s been putting in over the months paid off because we weren’t phased at all by playing three games in two days and everyone continued to push themselves physically and keep mentally engaged to problem solve.

Thank you, Scary Quad Mother for your account of the day. We love hearing play-by-play of our games in the league and many of us while the Brawds are playing abroad or nationally, we host viewing parties to cheer on our team and watch some seriously high-level derby. 

We’re not saying we're an amoeba-like ball of great vibes and support but hey we’re a roller derby league, and it do be like that sometimes. 

Well done Brawds!  ❤️

You can view the live stats on the WFTDA webpage.

Catch us again soon for another report on some of the games the Norfolk Brawds played in the past year!


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