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Norfolk Brawds to face Bear City in Berlin, Germany this weekend!

We can barely (bearly?) believe we are saying this… but this week, our WFTDA A-Team, the Norfolk Brawds, are catching a flight to Berlin to play against the formidable Bear City Roller Derby! To say we are excited is an understatement, to say that we are honoured is putting it subtly. If you had told us as we cheered on Bear City in the WFTDA Winston-Salem Playoffs of 2019 that we would be jetting off to Germany to share the track with them a mere four years later (and after a world-changing pandemic, no less), we would have called you liars and scoundrels. We are so excited for this weekend – it is going to be such an incredible learning experience for all of us, and before we begin, we want to thank Bear City for the opportunity!

For the unfamiliar, Bear City is a Berlin-based roller derby league that is currently ranked 7th in Europe, and 29th in the world. They participated in the WFTDA Playoffs in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and most recently participated in Crime City’s Euro Cup in October 2022. While there, they secured victory in their game with Stockholm Roller Derby, but narrowly lost to London Roller Derby.

The Norfolk Brawds, meanwhile, have two wins under their belt since lockdown – having beaten Kent Roller Derby in September, and Nottingham Roller Derby’s Arrows in November 2022. Despite having more post-pandemic wins than Bear’s Wallstars, it is important to note that the Brawds are currently ranked much lower – 44th in Europe – which means the odds are certainly stacked against them in this match-up.

This means that the big question isn’t whether the Brawds can win, so much as whether they can maintain an equivalent points differential. Flat Track Stats predicts that for every 1 point the Brawds score, Bear will score 6. If the Brawds manage to narrow this differential, they may still rank up. They will be looking to build upon their successes in 2022, as well as the experience gained from their closed-door game against Brighton Roller Derby in February in order to hold their own against the Berlin Wallstars.

Be sure to wish the Brawds luck before they fly this Friday, and keep an eye on our social media for game updates! Bear – we can’t wait!


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