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Brawds secure victory in first game since 2019!

Saturday 24th September saw NRD’s WFTDA A-Team, the Norfolk Brawds, travel down to Herne Bay to play against Kent Roller Derby in their first game since 2019. It was the third time that these teams were due to face off, a full six years after their last matchups which saw Kent claim victory at the 2016 British Championships Tier 3 Playoffs, and the Brawds equalise a mere week later in a home game in Norwich. However, with several years, skater changes, and a pandemic between then and now, it was difficult to predict how the day would go.

The Brawds secured lead early, after back-to-back power jams in their favour saw jammers Vixen Mortar and Danger Moose earn 4- and 12-point jams, respectively. However, a combination of penalty trouble, strong opposing walls, and swift work from Kent jammers Annie R U Ok and Chip meant the Brawds were unable to comfortably lengthen their lead.

Both teams were at their strongest when blockers worked in three-walls; in particular, trios featuring the likes of Brawds Applebite, Kelly Kapowski, and Danihell or Cruel Runnings, Jojo Yubari, and Terminal Velosophie proved particularly effective at limiting the manoeuvrability of opposing jammers. These combinations saw half-time arrive with the score being 98-58 in the Brawds’ favour.

Despite the positive points differential, the Brawds were unable to rest on their laurels in the second half. They opened strong with several multi-pass jams, but continued trouble with penalties often meant their walls were operating at a reduced capacity compared to Kent’s resilient blockers. Two particular jams saw Kent jammers Chip and Foxygen score an enormous 24 points and 16 points respectively against Brawd walls of varying sizes. Fantastic solo blocking and big hits from the likes of Brawds Bad Omen, Cruel Runnings, and Danihell were able to slow Kent’s momentum, culminating in a nail-biting and exhausting final jam that saw the Brawds able to protect their lead and claim victory.

The final score was 150 for Kent, and 176 for the Brawds – a close score that accurately represents the resilience of both teams. Want to watch it and see for yourself? The game was recorded for on-demand streaming by Velocity Media Group, and can be watched here. The event was also photographed by Michael East Photos.

We would once again like to thank Kent Roller Derby for the brilliant day! They are truly wonderful hosts. You can next see them skate this weekend, October 22nd, against Portsmouth Roller Wenches. Good luck and happy skating!

The Norfolk Brawds will next be on-track on November 12th at a home game here in lovely Norwich! We’re hosting a double-header at Easton College, with a rookie-level opening game followed by the Norfolk Brawds vs Nottingham Roller Derby. Tickets are £6 each or four for £20. For the details, click here! We hope to see you soon – support local roller derby!


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